I’m Stephen Keepers Merritt…..A Colorado Certified Addictions Specialist.

My Message

My name is Stephen Keepers Merritt & I am a Colorado Certified Addictions Specialist and Relationship Coach.

I have a huge passion for helping people change, rehabilitation, love, & romance. But, we all know that life and relationships certainly has its share of challenges. Many are struggling from past trauma, domestic violence, child abuse, emotional abuse, and more. With so many people struggling, addiction is rising, divorce rates are rising, issues with social media, and dating apps. It is my goal to help individuals to learn how to have a better/healthy relationships, identify areas of strength, develop new coping skills, and live a better overall life.

Moving forward in life can only happen when we recognize what is holding us back. It is my goal to incorporate my experience, education, no-nonsense approach, and common sense to help you peel back the layers that are preventing you from moving forward.

My goal is to help you possess the skills and talents necessary to create a better relationship and/or a better life for yourself.

“People That Want To Have A Successful Relationship Will Make The Effort To Change.”

– Stephen Keepers Merritt

Solve Problems

Stop arguing just to win. Nobody wins in the relationship if their is no resolution. I will help you find ways to solve problems.

Break The Cycle

Don’t bring old baggage into your new relationship. I will help you to leave the old baggage behind!


Miscommunication, no communication, and lack of communication is negatively affecting most relationships today. I will assist you in finding the absolute best ways to communicate with your partner.

Find Love Again

Sometimes love gets lost due to the routine of life. Or, due to recent arguments we allow the bad moments overshadow the great moments. I will assist you with gaining balance and getting the love back in your relationship that you once had!

How’d All That Sound?

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